SEO Strategy: Quality Content Over Quantity

Realtors posting on social media

Let’s take a real estate agent posting to their personal Facebook profile. I think everyone uses Facebook differently but don’t bombard your peers with obnoxious content.  If you are getting little activity on your Facebook posts, there is probably a reason, your friends have lost interest in what you are posting.  If you are posting nothing but new house listings, this gets obnoxious. If I’m your friend and have no desire to buy a home anytime soon, why would I care about new listings?  The ironic thing about this post is, I post about technology a good amount and I’m sure a few Facebook friends have clicked the hide on my name because they have no interest in it.

My recommendations for real estate agents for posting content on social media, don’t always make it about listings and the real estate industry on your personal Facebook, this is annoying to your peers.  You will soon be hidden.  Don’t use Facebook to try and convert friends into buyers, it’s not everyday they are going to buy a new house anyways, besides they already know you are a real estate agent.  Create a blog and post that stuff there, so when people are searching on Google they can find you (SEO).

Distribute your content over time and not all at once

The amount of times we share content is another big thing I noticed.  I would rather subscribe / follow a friend that is posting less content than a friend that is posting more content.  Nobody wants their stream filled with the same person.  Spread the content out through the week. If you have 3 videos to post, don’t post them all in one day, spread them throughout the week. The quality of content is also questioned, don’t always post about YOU.  Make a post where it’s an open question, this helps create interaction between you and your audience.  If you just post amessage with one sentence that is simple and dry, how do you expect anyone to post any comments? They won’t.  Drive the attention to the content in a creative way.

Posting photography on social media

If you are a photographer and post your pictures, but they are of one specific trend, this gets boring. This ends up leading to a hide click on Facebook.  I don’t care to see the same things over and over again that I have already seen.  When I connect with someone on Facebook, I want to have a personal connection with them.  Balance is needed. A good example of photography would be to follow Trey Ratcliff. Trey is a good follow because he always posts new and exciting pictures that he takes along with a detailed caption about the shot.  His pictures are always new and different which makes it interesting to follow.

Switch gears.  If something is not working then change your direction.  If your posts are not getting comments, likes, RTs, +1s then obviously you are not posting the right content.

Music artists stop posting about just your music, interact with your fans

Think of your favorite artist. Would it be more memorable to you if you saw them in concert or if you had a conversation with them?

A personal connection > music connection.

Let’s take a music artist for example.  If they always post about their music career, what personal connection does a fan have with them? They don’t.  A good example I have brought up  Eminem before.  I think if Eminem used social media more personal to connect with his fans he would be the king of all platforms.  Eminem has a wild persona, and that’s what makes him so interesting.  Instead his labels run his social media and every so often he will do something with his fans.  But overall, Eminem is really boring when it comes to social media. Imagine if he was Facebooking, Tweeting when he was having problems with his ex wife or Mariah Carey, this would be so entertaining to follow.  People love train wrecks and gossip or People magazine and TMZ would not be in business.  He should let his Slim Shady loose on social media, it would sell.  If Eminem let his audience in on his personal life it would increase his interest significantly.  His posts would easily go viral.  Having a label run a twitter account is equivalent to watching paint dry.  As much as I enjoy Eminem as a music artist, I find his social media life boring.


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