Local Colorado Orthodontist Increases Monthly Traffic 900% With SEO

It wasn’t that long ago when a Facebook page and a Twitter account meant digital exposure on the World Wide Web. Back then, creating a viable and dynamic web presence was as easy as clicking “sign-up now” and navigating your way through a series of disclaimers and agreements.

Unfortunately, times have changed.

As more and more businesses make the transition to the digital marketplace, many sites and brand names alike are being buried in the fodder of their competition.

The reason? Search engine relevance.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best brand, the best prices, or if you were online before AOL was sending free trials through the mail: If a search engine like google doesn’t deem your content relevant to what people are searching for, your brand, your website, and your profits will get buried beneath pages of the competition’s listings.

So what’s the solution? Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Recently, a local Colorado orthodontist Dr. Gary Holt needed help increasing the traffic of his website. He’d spent the time and money and invested in a beautiful site to reflect his business, but once development was complete, he wasn’t seeing the traffic he’d anticipated. His website simply wasn’t producing the results, or the business, he had expected.

That’s when he hired me as his SEO consultant and provided the following:

– produced noticeable results in just one month.

– increased his daily traffic 66% in less than eight months.

– increased his overall monthly traffic by over 900%

– supplied him with SEO rich content to attract more traffic and further enhanced what his site offered.

– provided 40 blogs within 10 months to increase traffic and create an archive of information for his patients. Currently 83% of traffic comes from my blog content in comparison to his native pages.

I’m all about stability in a world that’s constantly changing. Let us optimize your site, build its content, and adapt its features to utilize its potential.

We’ll do the work—You’ll reap the reward.

For SEO services: contact jeff@digijeff.com.