Focus on Mobile Responsive Design for SEO

As the growth of mobile phone users are steadily increasing, it’s very important to make sure your website is mobile compatible.  If you are the type that always wants to have the top of the line technology, it is very important right now, you start with mobile strategy.

How many times do you try looking at a website on your mobile phone and the website includes a lot of horizontal scrolling? Images are overlapping the layout making you scroll? This is not compatible for mobile users and obnoxious.

You should have a different style sheet for regular PC users and one for mobile (as well as one for tablets etc).

I have noticed a lot of people, before the mobile hype, started buying .mobi domains or they told users that their mobile website is  I recommend trying to avoid this as much as possible.  If you are on your mobile device and tweet out a domain “” and a PC user clicks it, they will be seeing a not so friendly PC version of the website and vice versa.  If you do decide to use a subdomain I recommend detecting the user is from a PC / mobile (via user agent) and redirecting them to the right url.

The last two years I have really made Facebook apps as my niche. I’ve been working with many people and building a good deal of apps over the last two years. I was fortunate to have my work shared via word of mouth, I appreciate all the referrals.  This year my objective is to focus on mobile optimized websites as well as Facebook apps.  Contact me or the SEO Miami Experts if you are interested in hearing more and I can help you improve