How news anchor Sarah Hill is revolutionizing broadcast journalism using Google+ hangout technology

Sarah Hill is using Google+ in a big way to interact with her local news show at KOMU-TV 8 (which broadcasts in Missouri). She is using Google+ hangouts frequently on her show to bring in the outside world and get real time responses. I recently joined a hangout of hers and it was real informative, she calls it the cyber couch.

She brought up a great point about using Google+ hangouts live using a mobile phone, think about how quick a reporter can catch an event via mobile versus sending a news crew out to the same location. Is the end near for TV towers? Over 500,000 users from Google+ have added Sarah to their circles and she is a local news station in…….Missouri, yes Missouri not San Francisco! Pretty amazing. I think every local news station should follow her lead and interact with viewers more.

So many possibilities with this! I’m happy for her to be a trendsetter providing technology to reform an industry on how we watch our local news.  I would love for Denver to do the same so I can be involved with current events.

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Sarah Hill is an nine time Emmy award winning reporter and interactive anchor at KOMU-TV 8, the broadcast lab for the University of Missouri School of Journalism. She also serves as adjunct faculty for the J School. –Missouri School of Journalism