Now you can sync your TwitPic photos right to your facebook wall with TwitPic Sync

App_1_134709469882260_2277 I had to build this because I always got frustrated with being on Twitter and posting a cool picture and then I would have to login to my facebook iphone app and do the same thing.  Now I created a way to easily have my facebook profile and pages sync with my TwitPic uploads.  Whenever I upload a picture to twitpic, this new facebook application will automatically post it right to your facebook wall!  I just made one for TweetPhoto Sync and the next one I will be making is for Yfrog users.  I don’t see how anyone would not use this if they use Twitter & Facebook.  Makes it super easy to share photos between both your accounts.

You can add TwitPic Sync to your facebook profile or facebook page.

The application is free for use on profiles but a small one-time fee for facebook pages.

Please report any bugs/errors to me and I will promptly fix them. Thanks for using!