Converted my entire Blu-ray collection to digital, here is how

Update: I have listed all my Blu-rays for sale on ebay, click here.

How many times have you bought a Blu-ray movie that said “digital copy” and never did anything with it?

Well, you’re missing out!

Beginning of Digital Copies

When Blu-rays first hit the market with a “digital copy” bonus it was a complete mess. Each movie company wanted their own method of digital distribution, from redemption codes on iTunes, to various CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), the industry fought over rights and distribution methods like fat kids over a bucket of Halloween candy. The problem: Nobody wanted multiple services dividing their collections.

American Hustle for uv site


With the UltraViolet, gone are the days of searching for a disc, not being able to watch a movie because the kids or the dog scratched it, or, after an hour of searching in places better left unnamed, finally realizing that you let your 2nd cousin, twice removed, borrow it three years ago.

UltraViolet is the industry standard for movie distribution and cloud storage. As the only place that will keep a permanent record of your entire movie purchase history, with UltraViolet, you can build your digital movie collection safely and securely and access your movies at any time, or at any place, with your favorite connected devices, including your TV.

And now, UltraViolet titles can be redeemed on VUDU, a [distribution service?], which was acquired by Wal-Mart in 2010 for $100 million.

Converting DVDs and Blu-rays to UltraViolet

One problem I noticed skimming through my Blu-ray collection was that about 30% of the packages said “digital copy,” but only offered a redemption code for iTunes, which I don’t use. Again, I wanted one place where I could store all of my movies without having to wonder what shows were stored where.

Then I noticed Vudu offers a GREAT service to convert your Blu-rays or DVDs for a small fee.

Say you wanted to convert just one Blu-ray, for example, with Vudu it would cost $2. Not a bad deal, right? Ok, maybe if you’re only converting one or two discs, but let’s be honest, if you have a decent collection that transfer fee can add up quickly. Here’s the best part: Vudu offers a discount of 50% off when you convert 10 or more! Do the math, that’s $1 per Blu-ray!

Last night I converted over 100 Blu-rays to digital HDX for $1 each, and when I’m finished, I’m going to sell my collection on eBay. Oh, and you can even convert your DVDs to high definition HDX for $5, or $2.50 each when you convert 10 or more.


How to Play Your Digital Movies

If you use your PlayStation 3 as your main Blu-ray player, like I do, you’re in luck: PlayStation has a Vudu app! This means you can browse your collection like it’s Netflix and stream / download the movie right from the comfort of your couch. From what I’ve read, you can even simultaneously watch 3 movies per account while having access on a total of 12 devices. Think of the possibilities.

Don’t have a PlayStation 3? That’s ok, there’s other solutions like Chromecast.


The nice part about the Vudu app is that you can download the movie and then play it right away. Are you about catch a flight for multiple hours? Login to your Vudu or Flixster app and download the movie prior to takeoff and it’ll be available even when your devices can’t connect to their wireless networks.



UltraViolet is convenient, accessible, and perfect for either watching movies on the go or from the comfort of your couch. Give it try! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

If you have any questions ask me on twitter @digijeff.