Uber driver hits me, they offer a $25 credit – they need to improve their safety

I was a big fan of using Uber until last night when a friend and I called for a driver.  As we waited outside after receiving the notification that our ride had arrived, we watched as the driver went up and down the road trying to find us. Even as other cars began honking, he finally stopped in the middle of the road, and we embarrassingly hopped in. After multiple attempts of trying to explain our final destination, we were finally on our way.

When we arrived, frustrated and later than expected, I exited the Uber vehicle and began walking alongside the driver’s side in order to cross at the front. As I neared the headlight the car lurched forward and sent me sprawling over the hood. The driver slammed on the brakes, and I went stumbling backwards. Did he really just hit me! The driver simply put his hands on his face, didn’t even bother to get out of the car, and finally drove off as we walked away.

I was shocked. After finally making it inside the bar and realizing what had just happened, I told the bartender what had transpired and was asked repeatedly if I was ok and if I wanted to call the police or press charges. I decided to contact customer support, hoping to resolve the issue without legal action, and was completely blown away by their utter complacent and nonchalant response. They refunded my trip and applied a $25 credit to my account.

Ok, let’s think about this: Their driver hits me and I get $25 and a bruised leg. How is that remotely acceptable? Now I’m not the type who’s looking to exploit a situation or sue because I spilt a little hot coffee on myself, but $25 is as asinine as it is an insult. Uber cars should, at the very least, be required to have cameras for safety and there should be a degree of corporate accountability for the mistakes of their drivers. Who knows what story the driver told to save his job or if he was even reprimanded or questioned after I called.

In the end I regret not filing a police report to at least legally document what happened. If Uber assumes a $25 credit honors their slogan of, “your safety and satisfaction remain our highest priority”, then I think they’re in for a rude awakening. That’s no way to manage such a serious complaint, especially one that involves the physical safety of a customer, and the blatant insincerity of a driver. Besides, I was lucky, the situation, and my injuries for that matter, could have been much worse.

Unfortunately, I won’t be using or recommending Uber in the future until I’m shown what’s being done to rectify similar occurrences in order to prevent incidents like this from happening again. In all honesty, I refuse to care about a company who doesn’t care, in the very least, about my personal safety while I’m in their care.


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