Positive customer service from Mission Belt on Shark Tank


One of my favorite TV shows is Shark Tank, especially being an entrepreneur myself.  I bought my first Shark Tank product from a company called Mission Belt which provides a belt buckle that has no holes and retracts, great concept! I googled “Mission Belt Shark Tank” and found their website and bought my belt.  Since their episode aired I got an email informing me that due to high demand shipping will take up to 6 weeks.  After close to 6 weeks I finally got my belt:

Inside the package they sent a personal hand written note that basically thanked me for being patient.

After using the belt for close to 2 months I started noticing that my stomach area right above my pants had a rash.  The irritation progressed a lot over time and I couldn’t figure out what was creating this rash until a google search result landed me on belt buckle rash.  After reading this article I emailed mission belt and asked if their material on the belt buckle was made of nickel which they confirmed it does. After finally realizing what was causing my rash I tweeted.

Now I tweet like this for a few reasons, 1) to give my personal feedback on products and 2) to see if that company even pays attention to me or not. I was really impressed on what happened next, within minutes @missionbelt responded to me and offered me a full refund. Pretty solid customer service if you ask me! I was tweeting back and forth with the co-founder Nate Holzapfel who tweeted:

Notice how he says he won’t make ANY money off it but would love my business. That makes me thrilled to see how he would go out of his way to earn my business, I would definitely buy multiple belts from them in different colors because I think their concept is great and I know my money will retain great customer service. His character really shines, look at what they did for their friend in Panama.

Way to be genuine Mission Belt!