The Fast and the Furious is a gold mine Universal Studios missed


The Fast and the Furious franchise series started in 2001 and still going strong.  What Universal Studios has failed to do during this time is connect digitally with their fans to their benefit.

I remember when the first movie came out, I was right out of high school and everyone went nuts around my age group with wanting to upgrade their ride and go cruisin’.  “The loop” was a term coined in Westminster, Colorado because everyone would cruise around the Westminster Mall on the weekends.  This was all because of The Fast and the Furious hype.  Believe it or not, Vin Diesel had the most Facebook Likes on his page for years, that’s how big The Fast and Furious became.

For over 12 years the franchise series could have connected with millions of fans if they built their brand better online.  Imagine how many emails they could have connected since the first movie up until now if they easily promoted a car enthusiast site? Cars + women = traffic.  Universal Studios is sitting on a gold mine and doesn’t have the right people behind them to execute the right digital strategy.  If I were the director of digital strategy for Universal Studios I would immediately turn into the biggest car enthusiast site on the internet glorifying cars and women. Their Facebook alone has 35 million fans, but Facebook is getting that traffic not Universal Studios.