What type of brands do you consider a one trick pony?


I started noticing that restaurants (food/drink) businesses struggle with their creativity. I don’t want to log on to Facebook and see a company I frequent at always talk about their specials of the day or what they sell. The more they open up and think outside of the box (Old Spice commercials) the bigger their reach would be.

For example: Pepsi does a good job about their customers sending images or creative marketing….whereas another company would be labeling each post with a sales pitch. I told the franchise owner at Chick-fil-A at Southlands to really build off their Cow mascot more and use that to entertain the social media side and post less “this is what we are selling and this is the price” (BORING) this is working out well for him as I have helped him be the #1 Chick-fil-a store in Colorado with Facebook likes.

I just love working with people that are so open to listening to my advice and seeing my advice be successful. I guess that’s why they call me Digi Jeff.