My game changing idea for sports cards and technology for collectors



The pitch: A trusted name like Beckett buys real estate on every single card manufactured.  They simply add a QR code on every card which is unique to that card version. For example, every Bryce Harper BP1 Bowman 2012 has a unique QR code where collectors could scan with their smartphone. They are taken to Beckett’s site where that card is shown and comments can be made from other collectors.  Now, this also creates a HUGE marketplace for other collectors to find this specific card and a place to buy from.

I have collected baseball cards since I was a kid with my dad since the early 90s.  Looking back, the only big things that have changed is game memorabilia pieces put in the card and autograph cards. I think it would be great to bring my collection with me (smartphone).  Beckett could also create a collecting app where I scan the cards through the app and it adds to my collection digitally.

Selling on eBay is horrific, you spend more on shipping than the actual card.

Another idea is to use the same technology as a smart card: A smart card have an IC chip which can process the data and all other element that a computer have.