Scumbag twitter account profiting off Newtown shooting from Twitter with fake image

This was just so disturbing I had to share this story I just discovered.  I went on Twitter and clicked on the Discover link at top and it showed a bunch of stories relating to the recent Newtown shooting.  One story really stuck out to me was this image of a little girl.

Fake Newtown shooting scam

I knew I seen this picture before and my first guess was it was the little girl that died in the Aurora movie theater shooting which I live 20 minutes from.  When that event occurred I paid attention to all the news coming through so I knew I seen that picture before.  I was right, it was a picture of Veronica Sullivan.

Article I found showing the exact image of Veronica.


Twitter account  @Pray_Newtown made a fake image of Veronica Sullivan and said her name was Cindy Carter (hardly any names have even been released yet, fake name?) with a caption of her taking bullets for her baby sister and to RETWEET FOR RESPECT.  What would any person do after seeing an image like that? They would retweet it! This image has over 5,911 retweets and the account has boosted over 140,000 followers in just a few hours.  This was planned and calculated by the account owner, they are trying to boost their twitter following to make profit.  Why else would they have a fake image? This is what I speculate how this scam works, they boost the account up to as many followers as they can then they change the username. When someone changes their username and profile name on Twitter nobody gets alerted.  So if you were one of those 140k followers you wouldn’t know you are all of a sudden following @someotherusername who is promoting a link which generates money when users click on it.

This is such a scumbag thing to do after a horrific event.

Original tweet:


“Don’t believe everything you hear or see”


RIP Veronica and each and every person that passed away in this tragedy.


UPDATE: After further research of their tweets, almost everyone of them are FAKE pictures


Same account apparently posted this picture on September 12th


Then posted the same picture again today


Thanks to @burnSTYLEr for catching this


ACCOUNT WAS SUSPENDED! Thank you for help spreading this blog so Twitter can stop this!

Another account was suspended:  @z0mb13d which was a fake account claiming they were a victim in the shooting simply to boost their following.

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