PostRocket is a must have Facebook Newsfeed Optimized Publisher

PostRocket is a great tool for managing multiple Facebook pages! A friend of mine Tim Chae, CEO of PostRocket, has been heads down on this project for a while and I finally got a look at the product itself …….it’s sweet!

When you first login you are shown an easy way to switch between all the pages you manage. From there you can add your post like you normally would on Facebook with a link, they recommend you use an image instead of the populated link for more exposure. The really cool feature I noticed is the built in photo filter you can add on each image as an option.

PostRocket’s algorithm is brilliant because it calculates when to queue a post, this is different for each page based on the prior engagement.  Their algorithm works so well it got music artist Pitbull over the million mark on “people talking about this” (which is a combine total of fans interacting by commenting, liking, sharing). I have never seen anyone over the million mark until Tim posted about it, that’s when I became a believer in PostRocket’s ability.

I gave PostRocket a lot of feedback since I’m a developer, I look forward seeing big brands use their service!

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Post Rocket Preview