Madden 13 is here and goes social with Facebook and Twitter

Written for Dave Taylor.

I’m not a huge gamer but when I do play it’s Madden and Call of Duty for PS3.  I headed over to Gamestop at midnight to start playing right away, might not have been the best idea since I have a business meeting at 7am in the morning.Oh well that’s why we have Redbull and Rockstar drinks to keep us running. The intro includes Ray Lewis blowing smoke out his mouth in the cold locker room with him getting you pumped up and telling you to leave your mark, had to turn off PS3 and watch it again.  After the second time of watching it I wanted to run through my TV I was so hyped.  It takes a while to get started with the downloading of rosters so make sure to be calm for a few moments before you play your first game.

The game play felt different, I don’t know if I’m on the loving it side or hating it side, I only played two games online.  I was a really big fan of Madden 12 I think it was the best Madden out but I find myself saying that every year on the new one.  There was something about the graphics that threw me off, I noticed the fans in the stands have little to no detail.  Closeups of the players look exceptionally good as always but when you look at the fans it will give you a fake feeling.  I think they might of done this to concentrate fully on what counts, the players and close ups.  Maybe it’s just me puzzled with this feeling.  The tackling and breaking tackles seem more animated than Madden 12 which I really like.
Madden 13 goes social, after every game you are shown an option to share to facebook or twitter.  When you connect your accounts they make a post/tweet as shown below:
I think being able to share on social media was a great move by EA Sports. I’m a social media ninja so I really enjoy features like this.  I won’t be sharing every game but some of the good ones will be good gaining street cred playing with my Denver Broncos :D. Hopefully you won’t have that one facebook friend that shares every single game and it forces you to hide them.  Will be interesting to see how this plays on Facebook and Twitter. Curious to hear feedback on this.
Whatever you do check your receipt (if you purchased at Gamestop) because there is codes on it to unlock certain things.  I unlocked exclusive Barry Sanders & John Madden Legends Pack. I also had a code for the sweet limited edition EA Sports New Era hat for FREE, all I have to pay is the shipping, inner winner chicken dinner!
EA Sports always does a great job with newer versions, I usually top off at 200-300 games before the next one comes out so if you don’t mind I got some games to play.