How I helped Chick-fil-A Southlands and Toni & Joe’s Pizzeria locations increase their social media engagement with ReturnMore

I have been staying real busy with my new company I started ReturnMore.  I am trying to brand ReturnMore to do a multiple of things, right now I built a service called ReturnMore Offers where a business can offer deals and customers can unlock and redeem those deals on their smartphone or tablet.

One thing I have noticed while talking with several business owners is the lack of the way to go viral.  I met the owner of Toni & Joe’s Pizzeria in Pueblo, Colorado he mentioned he bought a pink gorilla suit and thought about using it once in a while to promote his Pizzeria shops on a busy intersection. After working closely with Chick-fil-A Southlands and launching ReturnMore, I immediately took notice of their mascot Cow.  The Chick-fil-A Cow is their “it” factor, it’s fun, kids love it and even adults don’t mind walking up to it and snapping a picture.  When Toni & Joe’s Pizzeria told me about this pink gorilla suit I immediately thought of the Chick-fil-A Cow and how huge that would be for him to promote his stores.

I took  several pictures of the pink gorilla so I could later post on their Facebook for them to generate more engagement.  There is only so many times a company can post about the same thing (i.e. Hey come try our pizza) before the audience is annoyed and eventually hides or unlikes them.  My goal with ReturnMore is to build quality engagement on Facebook for each client.

Within 10 minutes of shooting some pictures of the pink gorilla a car drove by and yelled out “I love your pink suit.”  Once this pink gorilla starts getting branded more and more on their Facebook I anticipate higher engagement from their users.

I recommended the Chick-fil-A Southlands location to make a twist on their next post.  I recommended them to have the cow look like he is baking some cookies.  The concept of the picture is to bring some fun to what they post as well as promote their cookies with a simple caption “We caught our cow baking cookies tonight at Chick-fil-A. Did you know we bake our new cookies and serve them warm?”.  After they posted, this made their engagement for the picture the highest.  The Chick-fil-A Cow is definitely the it factor for them.  Instead of posting a picture of dessert, have the cow interact with the promotion.

The Chick-fil-A Southlands location has went from 200 Facebook Likes to 950 in just two months!

I have a lot of exciting things that I am working on that I will share soon.