Coca-Cola vs Pepsi, the social media battle

I was at a restaurant and got in the conversation “Coke or Pepsi”, personally I’m a Pepsi guy (love Mountain Dew). I thought I would dig up some stats online and see which company does better connecting with their customers using social media.

Results are based on May 14th 2012 stats


Coca-Cola:  41,822,237 Likes  265,094 talking about this

Pepsi: 8,170,319 likes 41,217 talking about this


@CocaCola 54,754 Tweets 67,537 Following 537,722 Followers

@Pepsi 8,981 Tweets 44,769 Following 680,428 Followers


Coca-Cola: 520,915 +1s

Pepsi: 516,259 +1s


I find the Twitter stats very odd. Somehow Pepsi is connecting with more followers than Coca-Cola and they have only tweeted 8,941 times compared to Coca-Cola with 54,000 tweets. When it comes to Facebook Coca-Cola is dominating that platform, they are the 17th most Liked Facebook page.

It would take a while to find this data, but it would be interesting to see the total ecosystem of Pepsi and Coca-Cola. For example: Mountain Dew has 6,967,333 likes · 40,233 talking about this stats on Facebook compared to Dr. Pepper 11,853,001 likes · 166,085 talking about this.

Both are connecting with their customers online but overall Coca-Cola has a bigger reach. I personally think Pepsi lacks the quality of social media.  If I was part of the social media marketing on Pepsi I would come up with more viral campaigns.


After making this public, @chrisolds2009 brought up a good point: