Review: Sony Android Smart TV with Google TV is awesome

The future of TVs will work just like your mobile phone, it will have apps.  If you are in the search of buying a new TV, make sure it’s a Smart TV.

Instant Entertainment
Along with an Internet connection, almost all smart products can deliver a wide range of instant entertainment to your HDTV (through specialized apps). Stream movies, videos and music, access social networking sites, get the latest news, weather and financial data, or even study fantasy football information.

Web Browser
A select list of smart products provide a Web browser that allows you to directly access the Internet without the use of apps. Search for and type in content online using your HDTV, just as you do with your computer.

Multimedia Search
A select list of smart products can combine your TV channels, compatible DVR, apps, the Internet and your home network into one searchable experience (capabilities vary by device). For example, you can type in the name of a TV program, movie or subject, hit search, and quickly see the time and channel it’s on, plus any related video content that’s available on the Internet.

Sony – Google TV / 46″ Class / LED / 1080p / 60Hz / HDTV

Review: I am a former iPhone user turned all Android because of my usage of Google products. When Google TV was first announced I was lucky enough to have Google send me a free Google TV Logitech adapter. At first Google TV was boring and I didn’t use it, with their recent new redesign it has a lot of potential.  Being a developer I am constantly thinking of new things to build, having a Smart TV now allows me to build a Android TV app.  Let’s say you want the TV to turn on and show you the weather at a specific time, that can be built.  What’s more amazing is, I downloaded the Google TV remote on my mobile phone so now I got the TV remote on my phone in case I can’t find the physical remote.  The new Sony remote is awesome and a lot better than the Logitech keyboard that first came out, fits in the hand comfortably.

I love how Google Music is available on my TV and I can play music while I’m in the shower.  I can’t wait until more and more apps are built for Android TVs.  Lots of innovative ideas can be developed. To be able to watch videos on YouTube and other streaming services like Ustream is incredible.  The quality of this TV is incredible, especially for the price, I love it.