1,000,000 circles on Google+ milestone reached

The term online community manager is what has been coined for what I do. I help entertainment brands such as music artists with digital strategy. It is more than just setting up a Facebook and Twitter account. There is so much involved with being a successful brand online, if you don’t do it the right way, you will fail.

For a music artist it is important to reach your entire fan base, right? If we could go back in time (to the late 90s to early 2000s) and an artist could grab each email address of their fans, imagine how valuable that would be now. The music industry is a struggle. How long will artists keep signing record deals? No one knows. But what I do know is the most important role for a music artist right now is an online community manager. If you are not building your brand properly with today’s technology then you will fail. If you are an entertainment brand (music artist, athlete, celebrity) and you are not making money from the digital side of things, you are doing it wrong. There is so much value in building your empire online. Blogging content is big. I ran a successful fan site network from 2003-2009 not because I got lucky, but because of my content. I kept my content fresh every day so users would keep coming back. Again, it’s more than just the content tho…but I don’t want to post everything I know on here, that would make me invaluable.

Today, I am excited as one of my clients who I have worked with since 2010 listened to me. I told hip hop artist Paul Wall that it’s important for him to join Google+ in July 2011 because no other music artists were jumping on board. Being obsessed with the technology side of things I know when something new comes out before the masses. All I know is Paul Wall listened to my advice of joining and using Google+ and he was fortunate to get on the suggested user list for being an active music artist. Now he broke the 1,000,000 milestone mark. Whether articles want to say Google+ is a ghost town or not, Paul Wall just gained 1,000,000 people to reach out to and that’s powerful. Time to monetize.