Droid vs iOS: Which is better Android or iPhone? I can tell you

In 2008 I couldn’t tell you how excited I was to get the first T-Mobile G1 Google phone(Android).  I am such a big Google user, I don’t even know where to begin to explain.  I remember I bought my GMail invite from ebay for a price I can’t even remember, but I was so excited to use GMail.  My first GMail message was back in June 2004 so I been a well devoted user.  When I first heard about Google Voice I was all about it and took forever to get an invite, but I did.  Google Voice was actually called Grand Central back in like 2007.  Last year (2010) I got a FREE Logitech Revue with Google TV.  My regular computer is not an Apple nor do I have a laptop that is a Macbook.

Sometime in 2009 I decided to get an iPod Touch, this would be my second Apple product (first one was a 2nd gen iPod #oldschool). After playing around with it and knowing it was just like the iPhone, I became so intrigued I went to AT&T and got an iPhone.  I decided the iPhone was just a better phone at the time because the Android was so new and had so many problems (slow, battery usage,no apps on the market).   Facebook’s experience on the iPhone app was radical (as Charlie Sheen would say).

Going back to T-Mobile

Earlier this year I decided to switch back to T-Mobile from AT&T.  Here are my reasonings:

  • I am an avid Google user, GMail is a major part of my digital life and Android has a way better email system on the phone compared to iPhone’s mail client.
  • The price of AT&T compared to T-Mobile is definitely a significant difference to save money and more minutes for the buck.
  • After all this time I thought Android updated a lot since the first G1, making it better.
  • T-mobile has 4G and iPhone 4 doesn’t.

What I realized back on Android without iPhone

There are three things that I do on a daily basis when it comes to my digital life. 1) Check email 2) Check Facebook 3) Check Twitter. If I have a phone that can do all 3 of those things without any issues I think I will be fine in life.  After some time using the myTouch 4G I have noticed….

Android’s poor battery usage

The battery usage on Androids is TERRIBLE.  I was use to my iPhone 4 lasting more than just a day.  I can not last 24 hours of the Android phone sucking my battery life….be lucky if I got 15 hours.  After talking with a T-Mobile representative, they confirmed it was a known problem.  I can’t even put it in words how aggravating it is to constantly watch my battery percent sink like the economy.  I was very disappointed that this problem was not fixed since using the G1.



Android Facebook and other app problems

Like I mentioned, I use Facebook DAILY. The Android’s Facebook app sucks, anyone that uses it will admit to that.  Half the time when I try and load the app it says “error loading” this drives me nuts! I did notice that this issue happens when loading other apps and not just the Facebook app.  However, never had this problem with the iPhone.




Android’s WiFi a battery killer?

Some people are saying the WiFi is killing the Android’s battery.  Why is it that I can have my WiFi on all the time on my iPhone but not the Android? I should be able to keep things on like WiFi and GPS without it killing my phone’s battery.

Cool things I like on the Android

I really like the widgets on the Android, those are pretty cool and useful to have.  On the iPhone you can’t have widgets on the home screen.  I like the animated backgrounds those are really awesome but they are a battery killer which sucks. The linked accounts, where I can link multiple social media accounts to a contact is really nice to have so everything is more organized. The Google Voice integration is FANTASTIC on the Android, I love it!  All Google products are a much better experience on the Android phones than the iPhone (gee go figure lol). WiFi calling is an awesome feature where the calls and texts will be over WiFi instead of regular cellular towers if you are in a bad area (Android).

Camera and camcorder

I REALLY liked the camera on the iPhone better than the Android phone.  The pictures were clearer.  It seemed like every time I took a picture with an Android it was blurry and not capturing the focus as good as the iPhone.  The camcorder I haven’t played around with too much on the Android yet to compare but I imagine I will like the iPhone better.

Feel free to add your opinion in the comments if you have used both or notice something very different with them.