Paul Wall and Carmelo Anthony’s Krossover artist Diego Cash use #Freeload app to go viral

Today I am launching Freeload with Paul Wall and Carmelo Anthony’s Krossover artist, Diego Cash. They are both dropping new mixtapes and using Freeload as their launching pad.

Freeload is a new innovative way for a download to go viral via Facebook.  Paul Wall (@paulwallbaby) will need 200 fans to unlock his download (see method below) of 10 songs from his upcoming mixtape “Politics As Usual” and Diego Cash (@diegocash) will be dropping his new mixtape Honorable Mention with features: Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Juicy J, Gorilla Zoe, Joell Ortiz and Cool & Dre.

What is Freeload Facebook app?

Freeload is a Facebook app that anyone can post any type of download for their fans through their Facebook Page.  This is great for music artists, especially rappers to post a new freestyle or mixtape and have it spread virally through Facebook.  If you got something to give to your Facebook fans, this is the app for you. Every time a user downloads the Freeload, their email is stored for the admin to export as a CSV file at a later time also a wall post is posted on their wall to help share with their friends about the Freeload. See how fast a download can spread via Facebook? (see below on how to get this app on your Facebook page)

Freeload wall posts on a user’s profile

Every time a user clicks the unlock button or the download button, they will have a wall post on their profile so their friends know about the Freeload.  See how this app helps a Freeload go viral?

What file types can be a Freeload?

A Freeload can be anything (song,mp3, mixtape, software demo, image, video etc). All the Facebook Page admin needs to provide is a link.  What would be exciting to see, is if an artist uses Freeload to leak their new album cover once X amount of users unlock the download (see method below). Or another idea is premiering a video when X amount of users unlock the download.

The Facebook Page admin has 3 options to deliver the download:

1) Set a future time for the Freeload to be available

2) Set a number to unlock the Freeload, for example you can say “I will release this new song once I get 500 people to help unlock it”

3) Make the download available right away.

In the below example, the Freeload is Become Legendary (a mixtape from Carmelo Anthony’s Krossover label). After a user clicks the image from their tab they are taken here.

How much is hundreds to thousands of targeted email addresses worth to you?

Each time a user helps unlock the Freeload a wall post with the image of the Freeload and a link is placed on their wall to help share to their friends.  Every time a user downloads the Freeload their email is captured and stored for the Page admin which they can export as a csv file and use for further promotions about their brand.

What can a Freeload be?

It can be anything you want it to be! Be creative with this. You can make it a song, mixtape, message, freestyle or how about something creative like saying “Once I get 500 fans to help unlock my new Freeload, I will let you see my new album cover.”  This helps engage with all of your hundred and thousands of fans to help share content.  After a user clicks the download button to get the Freeload, it redirects the user to a link of your choice! The Page admin can choose any file type or any link!

Freeload lite

There is also a lite version of Freeload which is cheaper.  With the lite version you won’t be able to capture emails and email your fans after they downloaded and you will be limited to 100 for the unlock method.

How do I get Freeload on my Facebook Page?

Freeload [buy] and Freeload lite [buy] are available on AppBistro.

Also checkout my iTunes Facebook app

Music artists should also take advantage of using my iTunes Facebook app which lets musicians to post their entire iTunes catalog on their page.

If you have any other questions or for bulk ordering, please contact me here.