MyTown iPhone App is like Farmville but with REAL-LIFE check-ins @booyah

Photo (1)  I was watching Jason Calacanis's live stream where he deleted his Facebook profile because he doesn't trust Mark Zuckerberg's privacy settings.  After he was done deleting his profile, the owner of Booyah! talked about their product MyTown.  First off, I have never got in the buzz with Farmville.  Never understood why so many people cared about a virtual farm. MyTown is like the concept of Farmville but with real life check-ins. 

Based on Booyah!'s official site, here is the explanation:

MyTown is a GPS game about buying and owning your favorite local shops, restaurants, and hangouts on your iPhone. 

First, Check-in at real-world locations to unlock rewards. Then buy and own your favorite real-life places. During the day, you can collect rent when people Check-in to your shops. The more visitors that come to your stores, the more it raises your properties' total value. 

The more you Check-in, the faster you'll level-up to unlock more locations to buy and upgrade, and the higher you'll climb up the leaderboard rankings. 

Get started and watch your personal property empire appreciate in value. Start collecting rent NOW!

  • Buy and own your favorite real-life locations
  • Collect rent when other people check-in to your shops
  • Upgrade your shops to increase their value

The app is FREE, get it here.

I believe they are working on the Andriod version & iPad version.

I just started playing and think it's really fun and plan on getting easily hooked. Thoughts? Tweet me on twitter @digijeff.

I am going to start buying all the properties in Denver since not a lot of people know about it yet :). @digijeff is going to run Denver.